Unleashing Fun: A Guide to Backyard Sports Games

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As the scent of fresh-cut grass fills the air and the sun casts long, playful shadows across your lawn, there’s nothing quite like gathering with friends and family for a roundup of backyard games. Whether you’re interested in sporting classics like cornhole and badminton, or you’re seeking to explore newer hits like Spikeball and Kan Jam, becoming familiar with a variety of games will spice up your outdoor get-togethers and ensure there’s something for everyone. From games of strategic finesse to those offering energetic, physical fun, there’s a world of backyard sports waiting to be discovered. Looking further afield, we even delve into the Finnish game of Molkky, which brings a unique twist to the repertoire of backyard games.


If you’re looking to enjoy a casual yet competitive game with your friends and family, Cornhole is it! Frequently gracing college campuses, backyard barbeques, and camping trips, this versatile, simple, yet enjoyable game routine has become quite popular. So, you might be wondering, what are the rules and how do you set up for a game? Well, you’re in luck! Let’s get right into it!

First off, let’s talk about the things you’ll need: a Cornhole board and some bags. The board should be 48″ by 24″, with a hole 6″ in diameter, centered 9″ from the top and 12″ from each side. Each team will need four corn-filled bags of the same color.

The setup of the game is just as simple as the tools needed. Two Cornhole boards should be set up opposite each other, on level ground, with 27 feet between the fronts of each. This distance may vary a bit based on the players’ ages and skill levels.

Next comes the scoring. A bag thrown through the hole scores a player 3 points while a bag left on the board scores 1 point. After each round, the points are added up and the difference of the scores is given to the team that scored more in that round. The magic number to win? 21 points!

You must also consider the techniques for tossing the Cornhole bag. You must remain behind the front edge of the board during your turn. You can utilize an under-hand release or a sliding technique to add to your advantage. A bit of practice, and you’ll nail it!

Of course, a lively competition is all about execution, timing, and a pinch of good old luck. Remember to throw both offense and defense; aiming directly for the hole, or trying to knock your opponent’s bags off the board.

Remember, the fun part about Cornhole is not only getting the bags in the hole but it’s also about spending quality time with your friends and family. Whether you’re competing in a league or just tossing some bags in the backyard, Cornhole is a game best served with a side of good company and a great spirit of camaraderie! Happy Throwing!

A group of friends playing Cornhole in a backyard

Photo by austindistel on Unsplash

Kan Jam

As we continue to discover more ways to enjoy an outdoor gathering with friends and family, Kan Jam has taken the spotlight as an emerging popular backyard game. Oftentimes, the change from the common Cornhole game is a refreshing experience, and it’s pretty easy to pick up.

Kan Jam is a fast-paced, flying disc game, composed of two teams of two members each, working in partnership to knock down or ‘jam’ a disc into a can or goal. If Cornhole’s intricate toss techniques and scoring system appealed to you, Kan Jam’s unique game mechanics and scoring system are sure to grow on you even more.

Firstly, you need to understand the essential equipment for Kan Jam includes an official Kan Jam Flying Disc and two Kan Jam Goals. The ‘goal’ in this context is a highly portable and easily assembled plastic container positioned upright with a slot in the front.

Setting it up is ever so simple but can hold variations based on the space available. The layout features two cans placed about 50 feet apart though you might tweak that distance if you’re in a constricted backyard or park.

From here, things get interesting! Each team takes turns throwing the disc toward the opposite Kan, aiming to strike the side or get it inside through the top or slot. The direction of throw is pivotal here, with the other member of the team, the ‘Deflector,’ batting or deflecting the disc towards the goal.

As for scoring, it mirrors the unpredictability but fairness of each toss. Direct hits on the can (known as a DINGER) score 2 points, a deflected hit (DEUCE) scores 1 point, and a direct entry into the can through the top (BUCKET) earns 3 points. A direct hit into the slot at the front of the can (an INSTANT WIN) will instantly end the game. The first team to reach 21 points, or that has the highest points after reaching, wins the game.

Each throw in Kan Jam is essentially a strategic play. You always have the option to gamble for an Instant Win or play it safe and accumulate points.

Lasth5, what sets Kan Jam apart is its perfect blend of coordination, dexterity, strategy, and passion, inviting everyone to join in on the fun. The rivalry is healthy but thrilling, keeping players on their toes until the end. Also, the defensive aspect of the game opens up a chance for epic saves and teamwork that just isn’t found in many other lawn games.

So the next time you’re thinking of amping up the fun at a family gathering or backyard BBQ, introduce Kan Jam into the mix. It is a game that requires no elaborate setup, encourages friendly competition, and promises to deliver unforgettable moments of fun and camaraderie.

An image of people playing Kan Jam in a backyard, laughing and enjoying themselves


Discover the Thrill of Spikeball

While we’re all familiar with the joy of Cornhole and the exciting dynamics of Kan Jam, there’s a new kid on the block to bring even more life to your backyard – Spikeball.

Similar to volleyball and fond of its moniker “trampoline-ball,” Spikeball is an increasingly popular sport that’s both fun to play and amusing to watch. Imagine adding the spice of a 360° playing field to volleyball, and you get Spikeball.

Suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels, Spikeball is easy to pick up, and once you do, you’ll be hard-pressed to put it back down. The basic kit comprises a round net, set on folding legs that make it portable and convenient for your backyard affairs. You’ll also need the Spikeball ball – compact, yellow, and always ready for action!

The gameplay is what truly sets Spikeball apart. The game can be played with varying numbers of players, but is typically enjoyed most with teams of two. The aim? Smack the ball onto the net so it bounces off to your opponent’s domain and keep it bouncing until one team misses a shot or commits a fault. Each point springs from such mishaps and is a thrilling cheer for the opposing team.

However, it’s not merely about the aim, but also about the tactics. Utilizing the entire 360-degree play zone, a successful Spikeball strategy involves not only good aim, but also clever positioning and brisk movement. Broadly, Spikeball can be a fantastic exercise for both the body and the mind.

Setting up Spikeball is a breeze – just stretch the net across the frame, insure it’s taut for optimum bounce, and kick-off!

Playing a game of Spikeball in your backyard is sure to draw in spectators, laughter, and a whole ton of fun. It encourages teamwork, sportiveness, and also promotes physical health. You can spice up your neighborhood BBQ by introducing a competitive edge or a friendly match among visitors.

You’ll find that Spikeball is not just another game – it’s an experience that brings people together. So why wait? Imbue your backyard with this lively sports game, and let the bounce, cheers, and laughter make your gathering a vivid memory!

A group of people playing Spikeball in a backyard


Turning the spotlight on badminton, an age-old game that is often forgotten amid modern backyard pastimes. This feather-light shuttlecock game boasts a legacy that spans centuries and continents, offering an enticing blend of agility, power, and precision.

Explanation of the beauty that lies in the stark simplicity of badminton. Equipped with just a lightweight racket and a shuttlecock, you can engage in a thrilling duel that has captivated millions worldwide.

Examination of the nuanced finesse required in badminton. Unlike other backyard games, badminton calls for a subtle blend of strength and accuracy. The challenge of wielding the racket, controlling the shuttlecock’s flight, moving and intercepting effectively…all these contribute to the undeniable charm of the game.

Unveiling the less-acclaimed attribute of badminton – the remarkable cardiovascular workout it provides. Amusingly, badminton is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a rigorous workout disguised as a casual game. Regular play can contribute to improved stamina, agility, and reflexes, proving that the game offers more than just friendly competition.

The element of strategy in badminton – it’s not just a mindless flinging of the shuttlecock. Decisions must be made in split seconds – where to serve, when to smash, how to execute the perfect drop shot. This mental aspect adds another layer to the game, drawing players into the riveting, strategic world of badminton.

A recognition of the versatility of badminton. It can be as casual or competitive as players want. From laid-back rallies in the garden to intense one-on-one battles on a formal court, badminton scales excellently according to the players’ mood and skill level.

Discussion on the social aspect of badminton. Just like Cornhole, Kan Jam, and Spikeball, Badminton too brings people together. Whether played in doubles for that team spirit or singles for that friendly rivalry, it’s a shared experience fostering bonds, camaraderie, and excellent sportsmanship traits.

Luring the reader towards adding badminton to their backyard game repertoire. If they seek a game that blends history, skill, strategy, exercise, and fun, badminton is an excellent candidate, waiting to be rediscovered and enjoyed. It’s time to pick up a racket and shuttlecock, beckon friends or family, and serve up some memories in the backyard.

An image of two people playing badminton in a backyard, enjoying the game and the sunshine.


Certainly, backyard games have come a long way beyond just tossing a ball around or setting up badminton nets. One international sensation that’s rapidly gaining traction in most households is the Finnish game of Molkky. This game adds a remarkably unique twist to the recreational sports world and here’s why:

Originally rooted in the Scandinavian lands, Molkky’s unique blend of luck and strategy sets it apart from other backyard games. Much like bowling or horseshoes, it requires players to toss a wooden pin (known as the Molkky) towards a group of numbered pins. The objective is to be the first to reach exactly fifty points by knocking down pins and recording the corresponding scores.

What’s fascinating is that, unlike other target games, Molkky isn’t about brute force. Instead, the challenge lies in its strategic twist. The scoring is based on number of pins knocked over – if a player knocks over multiple pins, the score would be equal to the number of pins knocked over; however, if they knock over just a single pin, the score is equal to the number on the pin itself.

The game setup is uncomplicated which makes it a great family game. All you need is a set of 12 uniquely numbered pins and a throwing pin. The pins are set up in a specific formation, typically a tight group, and players take turns to throw the Molkky at them from a distance.

Just like other backyard games, Molkky allows for lots of strategic play and is not solely dependent on prowess or skill. You can’t just whack the pin with all your might because you might end up scoring lower than expected. It presents opportunities for healthy competition, cooperation, and inevitably some raucous laughter when someone overshoots the coveted 50-point target and has to revert to 25 points.

With no need for elaborate gear or special athletic ability, Molkky is fast becoming an endearing choice for outdoor fun. This quintessentially Finnish game version of backyard entertainment will be a guaranteed hit with children and adults alike. The excitement, suspense, and joy that Molkky brings are palpable, making it more than just a game – it’s the making of some wonderful memories.

So why not shake things up at your next backyard barbecue or family get-together? Bring out the Molkky set and watch as the game makes everyone an enthusiastic participant, breaking the ice and turning up the fun several notches higher. With Molkky, it’s not just about who wins or loses, but how much fun you have while playing. And that’s the ultimate charm of Molkky, adding an unforgettable twist to your regular backyard sporting activities.

A group of people playing Molkky in a backyard setting.

Photo by carltraw on Unsplash

There’s no wrong way to get outside, breathe in the fresh air, and engage in a bit of friendly competition. These backyard sports games aren’t just about winning or losing; they’re about spending quality time with friends and family, getting active, and making the most of outdoor living. Picture yourself, frisbee in hand, standing across from your teammates at the Kan Jam goals, or imagine the anticipation as you aim for that 50-point mark in Molkky. Whatever game you choose to play, your backyard is a canvas waiting to be painted with memories of laughter, camaraderie and fun. Now, all that’s left to do is invite your friends over, set up the games, and let the fun unfold!

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